“Children’s Choice for Therapy, Inc.” should be renamed to “Hope For Our Wounded Hearts, Inc.” My son, Johnnie, has autism and a blanket of conditions that fall under this diagnosis. At a time when I felt helpless, frustrated, and confused; I found answers, support, and deep contentment at Children’s Choice for Therapy. As I began to see Johnnie progressively get better, it gave me the hope and drive I needed to become a better parent and caregiver to him. I trust Carolyn Andrews, her team of therapists, and the office personnel. Our therapists Miss Kara and Ms. Andee and the support team at Children’s Choice for Therapy are an extension to our family and I could not give a large enough recommendation for their time, service, and professionalism. When I felt like we were drowning, they were the lifeguards that saved us.“

Julie Dam

“I can't say enough wonderful things about CCFT. My son AJ has come so far since he began therapy here. We moved from NY in May of 2011 and he started speech therapy that June. Although he was doing very well, I was having some difficulties commuting from New Tampa with AJ and his newborn sister. I decided with great hesitation and doubt, to try another clinic for speech services where the therapists came to our house. It was a HUGE mistake. AJ had absolutely no connection with his new therapist and within a few weeks, I was calling CCFT to come back. Their therapists are so sweet and the children just love them!! They are always pleasant. AJ recently started Occupational Therapy here as well so he now has Mrs. Rachel for Speech and Ms. Rachyl for Occupational Therapy and he absolutely adores them and he is doing so well, I am so grateful to them. It's always a pleasure walking into the clinic and seeing Natasha's smiling face! Thank you to Carolyn and the wonderful staff of CCFT for helping AJ improve so much!! “

Tania Marziano

My son, Jed, is intellectually gifted but this won't do him much good if he isn't able to interact effectively with his peers in school and social settings (or at work when he's and adult!). That's why Children's Choice for Therapy has been such a godsend for our family. At two, Jed started occupational therapy with Carolyn Andrews. At four, we added social skills groups with Dr. Harris and Dr. Gonzalez. At seven, Jed, "graduated" to one on one sessions with Dr. Gonzalez, and we're also adding Interactive Metronome, Children's Choice's newest therapeutic intervention, to his ongoing OT treatment with Leslie Hiltz. I am absolutely convinced that these ongoing and early interventions have kept my son off the autistic spectrum and helped him to both rewire his brain and to develop compensatory strategies for tasks that still challenge him. His handwriting is now legible, his core strength is excellent and his balance is probably age-appropriate. He has always struggled to maintain good social skills when he's with lots of people, but recently was able to spend four days at a family reunion weekend (filled with competitive backyard sports contest) constantly surrounded by 14 children and adults without a single, even minor, meltdown. That's a miracle! Further, his ability to handle frustration has dramatically improved, which means that he's been much more likely to stick with challenging sports activities even when he notices the other kids around him are easily able to do these things. If your “on the fence” in considering therapy for your son or daughter, hop off that fence without delay and get over to Children's Choice today. This practice is hands-down, the best therapeutic service for children in the Tampa Bay area!

Mindy Murphy

The changes I have seen in my daughter since we began therapy at Children's Choice are nothing short of amazing. Carolyn and her team treat the children with respect, answer any and all questions and work closely with parents to attain goals. My daughter adores coming to Children's Choice and I have seen real results.

Mary Walker

I am so thankful for the day Carolyn Andrews walked into our lives. She was speaking at a meeting at my son, Matthew's, school. I asked her, "How soon can you start treating my son?". He has been with her and the other dedicated therapists at Children's Choice for Therapy for several years now. Their hard work shows in the progress he has made and continues to make everyday.

Danielle McReynolds

Children's Choice for Therapy - What can I say? They are the glue that binds my sanity to our hectic life. It truly takes a village to raise a child and anyone would be fortunate to be a part of this one! We started with Carolyn when Zak was 4 1/2 years old. He was non-verbal, frustrated and aggressive. Now Zak is 12 years old. He is happy, very talkative and well-adjusted. Zak's team is more active in his life than some family members. Carolyn, Stephanie, Nancy, Vicky and Dr. Harris are our village and we wouldn't be anywhere else.

Rhonda Ward


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